Inspiration Design of Creative Space Spots That Can Beautify Your Home

The concept of open-plan in the home is increasingly popular lately. That is, there are no more barriers between one room and another so your house looks very wide. Usually this concept is applied in the middle of the house, which removes the link between the family room, dining room, and kitchen. By removing the bulkhead between these spaces, the house becomes very spacious.

Eliminating bulkhead means there are no more boundaries between the rooms so that at any time can be transformed into a multipurpose room to hold certain events such as social gathering and birthday parties. However, removing the bulkhead can only make you lose privacy in the room. To overcome this, you can use a partition in the form of a closet or other bulkhead that you can move easily.

Apart from functioning as a barrier, the bulkhead can also provide beautiful aesthetic value in your home. Here are some of the inspirations of the creative space design that can beautify your home:

1. Design of Insulated Space for Action Figure Lovers

If you like collecting action figures, rather than just being a table display, it is better to use it as a decoration for the space between your room.

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2. Design of Contemporary Space Barriers

The contemporary home screen does not have to be fancy, you can make it yourself in a blacksmith in a simple form and then stay painted black.

3. Design of Octagonal Space Motif Space

To present an oriental atmosphere in the house, you can use an octagonal motif or Pa Kua which is identical to ancient Chinese philosophy as a bulkhead motif between the living room and the kitchen.

4. Design of Bulkhead Bookcase Space

Basically, a lot of furniture in your home can be used as a room divider. One of them is the Silkwood Apartment Unit bookshelf which is transformed into a space partition.

5. Design of Bulkhead Minimalist Space

Modern minimalist homes are most suitable for using a minimalist bulkhead that carries a vertical line game, or it can be horizontal.

6. Design of Space Bar in the Form of Display Shelves

No need to bother, you can also display the rack into a partition to separate between the dining room and family room. With a little extra display, the room divider will look beautiful.

7. Design of Square Motif Space Block

Other space partition motifs are square motifs. You can apply this motif to some interior designs such as minimalism, modern, industrial, and Scandinavian.

8. Design of Industrial Space Bulkhead

For an industrial-style house, of course the space used must also impress unfinished by utilizing the use of iron and wood.

9. Design of the Wall-Mounted Television Chamber

The final design of the bulkhead separates the family room and dining room. You can use these insulation to install the television bracket so that the bulkhead does not look plain.

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